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Priscilla's Diet (Visit this link) updated popular

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9 out of 10 stars (20 votes)

Instructions on the diet developed by Priscilla Price, approved by her resident vet, and, more importantly, multiple generations of happy, healthy gliders. This is a relatively new diet to the general glider community; but, has received good reviews. It's probably a bit more complicated to prepare than some.

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Added: Wed Sep 03 2003
Last Modified: Tue Dec 22 2015

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Solid, good, all around healthy diet 5 out of 5 stars

One of the best diets out there ..

Reviewed on: Jul 22 2014 12:39AM

I highly recommend this diet, it's easy to make, you can make up a lot in advance and freeze as needed. It contains all the right balances of nutrients your sugar gliders will need and gives them healthy silky coats. Occasionally you may get a fussy glider that doesn't like it so much, but overall most gliders will love it and clean their plates.
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