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Dr. R L Harmon - Oaks Veterinary Clinic (Visit this link) updated

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2030 27th Street Des Moines, IA 50265 515-279-3654

Phone: (515) 279-3654

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Added: Thu Jan 30 2003
Last Modified: Mon Dec 21 2015

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Good but.... 2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Apr 28 2012 4:58PM

There are two vets in this clinic that deal in gliders. Dr. Wayne is ok but kind of gruff, I didn't deal with him a lot. Dr. Harmon is a kind vet who does know what he's doing, but I would only use him for health checks and even then I'd be cautious of what you are told.
I took my male in for extreme weight loss. It was deemed his cage mate was being food aggressive and to put him in the other cage. A month later the same male is taken back in for seizures. Blood is found in his urine and he's put on an antibiotic. About 2 weeks later I call back because his seizures have started again.
Another course of meds is prescribed without any testing and I'm told that if the meds dont fix the seizures then there was nothing that could be done. He did not seem willing to do further testing to find the cause of the seizures.
My little man was given a death sentence and I was never told why.
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