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Dr. Samuel M. Ristich - Indian Pr (Visit this link) updated

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Founder and Owner of Indian Prairie Animal Hospital
University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine (UIUC-CVM), External
Advisor for Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Student Mentor. Class of 1984
Illinois Academy of Veterinary Medicine, former Executive Secretary
Chicago Veterinary Medical Assoc., former President
Illinois Academy of Veterinary Medicine, former President
Illinois State Veterinary Medical Assoc., former Board Member

Veterinarian/Owner - IPAH Family member since 1989

Town or City where you were born:
Hammond , In

Educational Background/Degree(s)/Certifications:
DVM, Illinois 1984

Why were you drawn to a career with animals?
From raising Rabbits as a child

What is your favorite part of the field?
Working with the public and their pets

Personal Quote:
'They are alot like their owners'

What animals do you share your life with?
Lola - Chihuahua mix

Favorite Pet Activity?
Playing catch

I'm at peace when...
I'm watching the Cubs game

Pet epiphany moment?
Lola curled up with my wife as they sleep

My favorite bonding session happens when?
I'm greeted by our dog after a long day at the hospital

Favorite movie or book:
Kelly's Heroes and I like to read anything about Ítzi

Tell us something about yourself:
I like to rise early (before 5:00 am), love dining downtown with my wife on Saturday evenings and I know nothing about cars

As and IPAH family member I feel...
Proud to work among such a great staff

1195 Frontenac St., Aurora, IL 60504
Phone: (630) 820-6999
Fax: (630) 820-5880

Phone: (630) 820-6999
Hours:Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat 8am-1pm, Sun Closed

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Added: Thu Jan 30 2003
Last Modified: Mon Dec 14 2015

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