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Sugar Glider breeder with 18 years of experience breeding, socializing, and caring for sugar gliders.

Phone: 845 264 2646

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Added: Mon Nov 23 2015
Last Modified: Wed Feb 24 2016

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Horrible Uncaring Attitude 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: May 26 2017 1:27AM

He barely responds and claims he's USDA certified. He is resistant in letting me see his gliders at his house which means they're probably not being raised humanly. Don't be fooled by his website, he lists his number but never answers the phone or text. He gives out excuses why they're unavailable and misinforms customers saying male gliders shouldn't be neutered. He sells only to those who are incompetent and didn't do research and avoids customers trying to look for a quality breeder. Do not buy from him, from the phone call I made it seems his gliders are interbreed severely.
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