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Glider Stork (Visit this link)

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Mill Breeder - Pretty much a clone of Pocket Pets, suggesting the same tiny cage, pellet diet, bond with your cat, etc. It goes on and on, the only difference is that they SHIP. They also reference the ASGV heavily and even link to them.

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Added: Tue Jan 13 2015

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Pocket Pets ugly step sister 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Nov 1 2016 8:44PM

When I first started researching sugar gliders, I was told about Pocket Pets, by a friend that had gliders. I contacted them and they told me they didn't have anyone in NC that could deliver my gliders to me, so they sent me to the glider stork. The glider stork is either A) Pocket Pets on disguise or B) another glider broker just like them. They sell babies too young, with heat rocks, and the same apple slices, vitamins and pellets diet, along with the smallest possible cage you can start with, way over priced.
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Excellent customer service 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jul 16 2016 2:33AM

Claire hand picked a sweet baby for my teenagers first glider. She shipped in a safe airline approved pet friendly box and the glider arrived within 12 hours. She answered all my questions and had fast response time.
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