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Critter Love (Visit this link) popular

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5 out of 10 stars (12 votes)

Home and Creator of the Original HPW™, HPW Plus™, HPW Complete™ and HPW Breeders Formul™. Healthy, happy, handled joeys for adoption. Comes with lineage and a health guarantee. Toys, Pouches, Treats and More. Your One stop shop! Come see us today!

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Added: Fri Jan 04 2013

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Nesting boxes 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jul 28 2014 12:05AM

My girls love the nesting box. I have about 6 pieces of fleece in it at a time. They usually hide under it or use it to block the hole so no light gets in there. Peggy is awesome when ever I have a question she ALWAYS answers me back!
Thank you Peggy for everything!
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What a Wonderful Breeder :) 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: May 6 2014 1:56PM

I had spoken to Peggy long before I decided to get my gliders and she was as nice of a person as she is a breeder. Her babies are the sweetest and most beautiful I've seen and mine have the funniest and sweetest personality. I had the pleasure of meeting her to get my babies and I could tell she loved them as much as I did. Not only will I buy from her again but I'd recommend her to anyone wanting a sugar glider or needing help learning about one!
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Great breeder 5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful healthy joeys

Reviewed on: Dec 30 2013 3:22AM

Peggy is a wonderful breeder, I have the mist beautiful mosaic boy from her, he's sweet, healthy and beautiful. She's super easy to work with, sends you lots of updates and pictures and is all round a nice person!
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HPW Complete and Information 5 out of 5 stars

LOVE Critter LOVE. <3

Reviewed on: Jan 25 2013 4:23PM

I had initially ordered my HPW Complete from Critter Love and thought nothing of it. The food came quickly and my gliders absolutely loved it! After it came I noticed that the food came with a gorgeous business card. At that point I did not know Peggy Brewer.
Let me just tell you - in the past seven months I have gotten to know Peggy Brewer, use her food product, and even listen to her advice and I can tell you right now she is an amazing sugar glider owner, vendor, and breeder. My next joey is coming from her. He's a gorgeous leucistic male and he comes home in March. I will be back to review her joeys in April but for now I can say her food, web site, and the owner of Critter Love herself are all just above and beyond awesome! I highly recommend Peggy!
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