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GliderKids Feeding Plan (Visit this link) updated

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Candy's GliderKids Feeding Plan

Glider diets are a frequently discussed topic. There are no perfect glider diets. Each owner must evaluate the recognized glider diets, as well as other less commonly used glider diets, and make a personal choice for their gliders. l call my personal glider diet the GliderKids Feeding Plan.

I cannot say this is the perfect glider diet or that it guarantees healthy gliders over a 15 year life span. I feel it is the diet that best meets my gliders nutritional needs. The recipes have been modified since I began using this diet in early 2009 but to date none of my gliders have had any health issues and my vet feels they are all healthy. There are many diets for glider parents to choose for their gliders. The GliderKids Feeding Plan is an additional option with several recipes to choose from that will meet the nutritional needs of your gliders.

The recommended nightly feeding per glider is 2 teaspoons GliderKids Staple, 1 TBS Vegetables and 1 TBS Fruit. I generally feed a single a fruit and a single vegetable each night but use a different combination each day so the gliders get a minimum of 7 fruits and 7 vegetables each week. Fruits and vegetables are each rich in some vitamins and minerals and poor in others. Offering a wide variety each week is key to presenting your gliders with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for balanced nutrition. You may choose to offer mixtures of fruits and vegetables but no single item should be over 1/4 of the total fruits or vegetables offered during the week. I limit dark leafy greens (spinach, collards, turnip greens, kale etc) to once a week - these are high in oxalate but also rich sources of Vitamin K. Mixed vegetables are also limited to once a week - they are high in phosphorus but gliders do love their corn. Insects such as meal worms may be offered as a treat but are not an essential part of the GliderKids Feeding Plan.

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Reduced Honey Blended Diet 5 out of 5 stars

My gliders love this diet

Reviewed on: Aug 27 2013 7:27PM

I have tried a few diets trying to get my gliders to eat. They appear to not like a lot of honey as they clean up the reduced honey version almost every night. They are healthy, active and have thick soft coats. I would definitely recommend this diet.
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Best diet ever! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Apr 20 2013 12:06AM

Note that I only feed the first version. My gliders did not seem to do as well on the reduced honey version. I love the fact that It has 1 cup of honey. My gliders love the green juice. I like that they get chicken and 2 eggs. I have tried other diets and while my gliders ate them, they do not do as well... IE they lost weight, not as active.
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Gliderkids Leadbeaters Staple 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Feb 28 2013 3:42PM

is an exact duplicate of the BML with only the change of reducing the calcium and changing the brand, it is NOT recommended to do so. This change in the BML was not done so with the advice of myself or any nutritionist. There are issues with the glider kids diets that she is not addressing, and she is only changing the name from THE BLENDED diet to the glider kids diet to hide the issues that have been brought to her attention, that have not been addressed.
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