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Sugar Bradys (Visit this link) updated

Sugar Glider Help does not endorse or approve any diet, vendor, breeder or veterinarian.

We are very small scale breeders, currently with just one pair (until we find a good partner for our Logan). We have lineage for our breeding gliders available and strive to maintain it for all joeys. We started it up simply out of our love for the animals and realizing that many people simply don't even know what they are, never mind where to find them. We apply the knowledge we've accumulated from local breeders where we've purchased ours as well as through . We currently have the possibility for standard Gray, Black Beauty, and WFB joeys and our biggest priority is placing them in a good home. The joeys are handled every day, as are the parents, and are incredibly sweet across the board. We are more than happy to help anyone or answer any questions we can, or at least refer you to someone who can answer. Lastly, we will not ship gliders, however, we are more than happy traveling a bit to meet people in order to find good homes for our joeys.

Phone: 9788669278

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Added: Sun Apr 08 2012
Last Modified: Sat Feb 06 2016

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