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Added: Wed Nov 09 2011

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NEVER AGAIN! 3 out of 5 stars

I would never buy a cage from this store.

Reviewed on: Jan 25 2013 4:42PM

Back in September I bought the four level small animal cage for my glider pair to start out with when they got home. I regret buying that cage very, very much. Let me explain everything that happened. I still to this day have pictures of each of the things I am stating in this review - so there is real proof.
Upon ordering the cage I received the normal email saying that my cage was on its way. Good, great - I was thrilled. Well, around 5-7 days later I got an email from the seller asking what color I wanted? COLOR?! It didn't ask for a color anywhere on the ad for the cage on the site I had bought the cage from. I thought my cage would have been almost to my door at this point! So, I emailed them back and said "black" and then he said the cage was on it's way. Well nearly three weeks after ordering (almost an entire month later) I got the cage. The cage was not assembled (which is to be expected) but there were absolutely NO instructions at all! Later on the seller had told me that I should have logged on to their website to get the instructions but first of all, I did not order off their website - they must also sell through middle men and that was how I got their cage. So NO instructions - AT ALL. But that wasn't the only problem; the paint was literally coming right off the wire bars! I hadn't even touched the wire yet! It was completely un-assembled! How could it be chipping when it was brand new and unopened? Quite frustrated I moved to look at the drop pan and guess what! It had a five inch crack running across the center! It was already broken! I had just gotten this cage and the drop pan was broken, the cage was chipped, and it came with no instructions AT ALL! So after days of trying to get ahold of this person I finally had gotten the cage together correctly. It was terrible. The doors needed to be zip tied shut because they were dangerous, guillotine-like structures that could break glider tails, feet, arms, and legs! The cage is seriously top heavy and if you don't find some way to connect it to the stand then it will tip over at the slightest movement (including those of your gliders). Since the paint was chipping off that meant that the cage was beginning to rust also. My gliders were in that cage for less than 24 hours before I moved them back to their travel cage and had to wait an entire two weeks before getting a second cage which I had to shell another $200 out for because the first cage didn't work. I contacted them and the only thing they did was replace my drop pan, and take $8 off my shipping payment because the cage came so late. I paid much, much more money for shipping. I would never, ever encourage anyone I know to buy a cage from this company. I had a terrible experience with them, and their cage is seriously dangerous. I still keep it in my basement as proof in case anyone wants to see why their cages are unsafe.
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