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Added: Sat Apr 30 2011

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Veterinary Visit for a Rescued Sugar Glider 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Apr 30 2011 10:59PM

I rescued a male glider last night from an individual. His nails were so overgrown that they were curled clear to the pads of his feet. He is missing hair as well probably from overgrooming. He is approximately 2-3 years old and has never been around another glider. His diet consisted of pellets and a few dried bananas. He was living in a big hamster cage with a hamster wheel for entertainment. He is the sweetest and gentlest little thing.
So, we made an appointment with Dr. Michael Wempe at Ark Veterinary Hospital in Odessa Texas the following morning. Supposedly they specialize in exotic animals and have had experience with sugar gliders. When we got there, the nurse brought in nail trimmers big enough to trim a Great Dane's nails and a handheld grinder. I asked her what those were for and she said to trim the sugar gliders nails. I stated that those were way too big to be using on a sugar glider and that the grinder would scare him to death. When Dr. Michael Wempe came in, he took Alvin's sleep pouch, turned it upside down over the exam table and began to shake it violently in order to get Alvin out. Alvin fell onto the exam table, he picked him up in a towel and started to examine him. While he was examining Alvin, he was very rough and had an attitude with everyone in the room (including 3 assistants, myself, and my husband). He then states that he hasn't seen the bald spot before in an unneutered male. I then explained that yes they have the bald spot on the top of their head if they are unneutered. I also begin to explain about the grooming comb on his back feet and he had no clue what I was talking about. He wasn't going to trim his nails, so I told him that I didn't appreciate the rough treatment of my glider and his lack of knowledge on the sugar glider. He called me a know-it-all and he said he has dealt with sugar gliders for over 30 years. If he didn't know basic knowledge on a sugar glider then he shouldn't state that he deals with them in his veterinary office. Then I said I wanted the glider back, he threw him back in his sleep pouch, threw the pouch on the exam table, then Alvin jumped off the exam table and onto the floor. Once back in his sleep pouch, I scooped little Alvin up, and put him back into his travel bag. I left the office, extremely upset over the mistreatment of my sugar glider by a licensed professional. Do not go to him under any circumstances due to his unprofessionalism, lack of knowledge, lack of compassion, and the mistreatment of animals.
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