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A Glider Invasion- in Mt. Airy Maryland (Visit this link) updated

Sugar Glider Help does not endorse or approve any diet, vendor, breeder or veterinarian.

9 out of 10 stars (18 votes)

13 years of experience in breeding, educating and helping others who bought from a mill, to keep their baby alive. We take great pride in our breeding program, and are very devoted to producing the healthiest and happiest babies you can get, but very serious about them being placed in a seriously caring & loving home. This is what a 'reputable breeder' should do!

We are NOT a broker. All of our babies are raised here in our home and we will not except anything less than the very best. This is what you should expect also!

See our website to learn about us and our furry family.

Free: We educate you fully for the best possible care of the joeys. 15 years of successful breeding with NO health problems at all. No mutilations, no depression, just complete excellent health. All our tips and trick go with each baby along with our phone number - For the LIFETIME of the gliders!

Not sure what they need? We supply all gliders 'needs' and some 'wants'. The 'Needs', are for the gliders. The 'Wants' are for us! We will tell you the difference! But, we all love to spoil our babies!

We supply complete set up with our gliders. Ex: cage, wheel, supplements, toys, cage pouch, bonding pouch, etc. All for the proper care and comfort of our gliders as well as their new owners.

We have stand grays, different %'s of hets and many colors. Give us a call to come learn about then pick out your little ones to add to you family.

Phone: (301)829-5553
Hours:9:00am to 7:00pm

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Added: Thu Nov 18 2010
Last Modified: Fri Dec 09 2016

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A real glider expert 5 out of 5 stars

Love this lady! Very outspoken and tells the truth

Reviewed on: Aug 27 2017 2:56PM

We were surprised how direct Ms. Diane was since she was selling gliders. We soon found that was note her objective. She has a desire to teach us. She really points out potential problems we had not considered. She also shows us caring and love, like we never expected. With 20+, of experience, you can tell she isn't there to just make money. We couldn't be happier with our gliders. In two weeks, they are bonded and wants to stay with the family. She really is an angel sent for the gliders, but also for us. Thank you Ms Diane for our new family members. We can not be happier with you or them. :)
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Best possible Breeder one can find. 5 out of 5 stars

sugar gliders

Reviewed on: Dec 5 2016 1:28AM

This woman is amazing. She is very strict on their diet, all those drops that says it's yogurt and all the wrong stuff people are saying about them. She really has a passion and that is exactly what we were looking for. She tells it like it is, but we want the truth. She tells you exactly what your getting into. Ms. Diane has no tolerance for closed minded people or people who think of their wants before their pets needs. She makes you jump thru hoops to adopt her gliders, and we feel so very blessed to have found her. Wish other breeders we spoke with, would take her classes.
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The Sugar Glider Whisper 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jun 23 2016 4:54PM

We just can't believe how much this lady knows about sugar gliders. My wife and I are so thrilled that we went to her before just buying something I knew nothinng about. We will wait for our babies to be born from her, and don't care how long it takes. We both know her true love is sugar gliders and people. And like she told us, in that order. We are looking forward to talking with her some more when our babies are ready. Wonderful person and breeder. I recommend everyone does at least, a phone consultation with her before thinking about bringing gliders home.
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Found a Real Expert Breeder HERE 5 out of 5 stars

This is great site

Reviewed on: May 28 2016 7:41AM

I am so happy I found this site. When to take one of Miss Diane's classes and was so impressed with her knowledge and concern for both gliders and people. Wealth of knowledge is invaluable. as for the lady who wrote about the picture what a joke! I researched that picture that was posted on a site many years ago. why would this person be upset since the picture was used to educate about inbreeding? plus the fact that once the picture goes on the internet it is not personal anymore if they lost to the world. why wouldn't someone want to help these little bābies? sounds like jealousy to me.thank you so much to the developers of this site it is so helpful and has made my family very happy. now we have two happy babies and waiting for 2 more. and thank you Miss Diane for all the time the care and the effort you put into breeding. you are just amazing!
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Want to give KUDOS to one so well deserving 5 out of 5 stars

Such a great education on gliders and what we need

Reviewed on: Apr 25 2016 12:39AM

Can hardly wait for our babies to be weaned. We are so excited. Miss Diane was recommended to us by our vet (Dr. Torres) because of the well ck up's she done on her gliders. She said she knew they were from Glider Invasion as soon as they were shown to her, because of how healthy they were. Their coats are always so thick, soft and shiny. And you can just see, how much more muscular they are compared to other glider she'd seen. So we checked it out for ourselves and very glad we did. So much more than we expected. Keep us the great breeding lady! You are appreciated and needed.
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