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University of IL Small Animal Clinic (Visit this link)

Sugar Glider Help does not endorse or approve any diet, vendor, breeder or veterinarian.

3 out of 10 stars (3 votes)

Phone: 217-333-5300

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Added: Tue Oct 12 2010
Last Modified: Thu Dec 30 2010

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Excellent and compassionate care 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Aug 2 2014 9:28PM

We have been taking our gliders to Dr. Julia Whitington at the U of I Small Animal Clinic Exotic Animal Services for routine care for four years. She has been excellent to work with, and respects our knowledge of our gliders and the decisions we have made for them, such as diet (we feed the Glider Kids diet). Two years ago two of our gliders developed mammary cancer. Little was known about this type of cancer in gliders. We mentioned that we knew of two vets with extensive experience with sugar gliders (Drs. Tristan and Walsh) and she asked for their contact info and consulted with them prior to determining how to proceed with treatment. Dr. Whitington and the rest of the staff involved in the treatment of our gliders were caring, compassionate, and professional.

If you like "in and out" appointments the U of I may not be for you. It is a teaching hospital/clinic, and appointments probably last longer than a vet visit at a typical practice. Often there will be students present during the exam, and I know that over the years our gliders were the first that some students had seen. Although students are present, students DO NOT do exams or prescribe medications. Those are all done by the vet. For our part we feel the long appointments are worth helping future vets as well as current vets learn more about sugar gliders.
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U.of I. Vets Not Willing To Listen or Consult With Other Vets - They Know It All!! 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Apr 11 2013 11:02AM

Since they have veterinary training they are not willing to listen to ideas that are different than their ideas. Such as diets, tests needing to be done, and do not care if they leave you without a vet in your area.

Two of the vets are supposed to really good but one that
called back definitely changed my mind. He has done lots
of research on sugar gliders and still not willing to expand his horizons with the suggestions he is given.
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Metabolic Bone Disease 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Apr 9 2013 6:31PM

The vets at the U. of I. endorse 75% gliderchow , 25% fruits and veggies, with glidamins sprinkled on as the best
diet to feed sugar gliders. And they want to change around
diets like HPW Original as it is not good in their estimation.
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