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Sugar Glider Help does not endorse or approve any diet, vendor, breeder or veterinarian.

7 out of 10 stars (3 votes)

Dr. Michael McCarthy is an experienced exotics veterinarian with a special interest in Sugar Gliders.

Phone: 518-765-0111
Open 24 Hours: No
Hours:7:30am-6:30pm M-F, Sat 7:30-1
Does Neuters: yes
Uses Laser: no

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Added: Sun Aug 29 2010

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Less experienced than hoped for 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: May 24 2013 12:31AM

I took two of my gliders to Dr.McCarthy for an overgrooming problem. He was polite and somewhat knowledgeable, but I did not sense that he was very adept in handling them (even with a veterinary assistant), and he kind of rushed through the appointment. I left feeling like I had more or less wasted my time, as he told me what the problem was (which I had already told him and communicated that I strongly suspected that it was due to stress of unknown etiology), but did not present me with any kind of plan or options for how to identify the underlying cause or prevent the problem from getting worse beyond vague suggestions about aromatherapy that seemed questionable. The overgrooming DID get worse and physical disease had already been ruled out by the labs I requested, so I took them to another clinic closer to where I live and had a much better experience, as did my animals. I did not have the feeling that input from me in terms of subjective data and objective data I have collected on the animals behavior was taken seriously by this vet. He also did not weigh the animals correctly but informed me that my male glider was too heavy and that I should correct this by simply not giving him any mealworms at all as a supplement to his diet. The information on the billing form regarding the respective gliders weights was incomplete and/or incorrect, and when I contacted the clinic asking for the information I never received any response. Also from what I understood, this vet gets the majority or all of his information about sugar gliders from one source that may or may not be reliable. I left feeling rather hopeless and condescended to, and the fact that I spent money and time at this clinic that could have been more effectively used to prevent the problem from being exacerbated was quite discouraging. I also think that the actual examination would have been less stressful for the gliders had the DVM taken the time to let them relax or used different strategies used by the subsequent vet, which were much more effective. He did not wait for them to stop crabbing while auscultating heart and lung sounds, simply guesstimated the weight of the pouch instead of weighing it and subtracting it from the weight of the glider and pouch together and seemed distracted overall. Perhaps it was a bad day for him, but I'm disinclined to go there again.
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