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Sugar Exotics (Visit this link) updated

Sugar Glider Help does not endorse or approve any diet, vendor, breeder or veterinarian.

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I am a small scale breeder located in South East Missouri. I breed: Standard, Black Beauty, WFB, Leu and Mosaic. Although I am willing to ship, I prefer not to. I would rather try to work out a RR or some other way to get your baby to you. My site also has loads of information on diet, color variations and housing. Please have a look around and enjoy!
What Sugar Exotics is all about.
We, like so many others, fell crazy in love with Sugar Gliders as soon as we laid eyes on them. We fell for them so hard that we acquired 4 within the first 4 months of owning them - I know, it was a bit rushed. Luckily, we had done hours upon hours - practically months - of research and knew what we were getting into, which made it so much easier than just jumping at the first available glider(s) we could find. This is where a lot of people really mess themselves up. They don't realize exactly how much time and energy can go into owning these adorable little creatures. That's the main reason we decided to start our own site. We wanted a site where we could share as much information as possible, without all the confusing stuff in the middle.

Information isn't the only reason we decided to start Sugar Exotics, we're also hobby breeders. At the moment, we have 3 breeding pairs, one being a reverse trio, and 4 non-breeding pairs. We're not like other breeders out there, we have very minimal breeding pairs because they are our pets first and foremost. We don't rely on them as a source of income, we just look at joey money as an added bonus. And 9 times out of 10, every single penny goes back to the gliders. So many breeders out there acquire multiple pairs all at once and get overran with joeys, which is no good! It's good if you have the time and potential new homes, but we feel you can't spend enough one-on-one time with all your joeys when you have 10-12 come OOP all at once. For those that can, more power to you!

We strive to have happy, healthy, and friendly joeys that welcome their new mommies and daddies with open arms.

Aside from general information and available joeys, we also make Sugar Glider cage sets and cage set items! We make anything from a regular pouch to bridges to our signature item, The Glider Bucket! Be sure to stop by the Glider Gear page for more information!

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