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USDA Licensed Breeder of Sugargliders that ships

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Great, honest, breeder 5 out of 5 stars

Won't get my gliders from anyone else.

Reviewed on: Aug 26 2012 5:36PM

Linda is the only person I will buy my gliders from and she is the first person I turn to when I have a glider related question. Her gliders are health, the correct age and treated well. She allows you to come pick up the glider right from her home so she obviously has nothing to hide. When I see a bad review it makes me wonder if that person even tried to resolve the issue with Linda because I have found Linda to be very responsive and caring. She gave me all the instructions and supplies I needed as a first time glider parent. I am very very happy with this breeder. Keep up the good work Linda! :)
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Wonderful breeder 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Aug 25 2012 7:11PM

I have bought two gliders from Linda. Lola was my first and I received wonderful assistance with anything I needed through Linda. If I ever had a question or concern I was always responded to promptly. Linda assisted me with finding a wonderful vet in my area and went above and beyond to ensure all my little ones needs were met. A year after my first baby came home I loved her so much, I decided to go for my second. Of course I went directly to Linda who matched me with Max. I had no issues with the health of my babies and know at least two close friends who have gliders from Linda as well. All of us have had wonderful customer service, healthy gliders, hands on assistance, and an all around wonderful experience! I would strongly recommend this breeder any day of the week!
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Love My New Gliders! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jun 24 2012 7:11PM

I purchased two little girls from Linda yesterday, Micha and Momo. Linda was willing to deliver to me which was one of the many reasons I purchased from her. Linda was very helpful during the process of adoption and I learned a lot from her.
The girls came with plenty of supplies for them to give me a great start. They came with USDA Paperwork, Pouch, Food, and a few Toys. She also included a few more things since I was a first time glider dad. She also included amazing lineage even though they were from Clean Grey Lines!
I would suggest this breeder to anyone who is looking for a well tamed and beautiful glider. She has provided me with the best supplies for my gliders and the best advice in the world. I will never regret buying from her and everyone should!
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Sorry to hear about your little joeys! 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jun 15 2011 2:27PM

Thank you for posting this review though, I wouldn't want to buy poor sick joey's. Hope you and your joeys are doing fine!
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Sold me sick Joeys! 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Mar 9 2011 12:42PM

This breeder lied to me, telling me that the gliders were older than they actually were! She sold them to me too early now I'm fighting to keep one of the gliders alive. It has cost me over $200.00 in vet bills plus the $500.00 I spent on the gliders. I assumed that because she has 18 years of experience with these animals plus is USDA certified that she cared about her animals, well I was wrong! I hope my poor Sasha makes it through this if not I will be devastated. She should not be allowed to sell gliders, buyers beware!
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