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SunCoast Sugar Gliders (Visit this link)

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Tall, spacious cages with 1/2" bar spacing, from Economy to Deluxe. Travel / transport cages too. Cage cleaners, surface protection, cups, water bottles, glider-safe heat emitters, nesting materials.

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Added: Sun Jul 11 2010

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I <3 H/Q Sturdies from SunCoast 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jan 21 2013 1:38PM

Thought I would let everyone who is interested in getting or wants to get an H/Q Sturdy Cage from Suncoast Sugar Gliders, Exotic Nutrition, Glider Nursery (A.K.A. Shelly), or any other cage selling place that I cannot think of off the top of my head! I personally got mine from Suncoast Sugar Gliders because it is the cheapest place to go. It is $153.38 with shipping all across the continental United States! The cage was shipped via FedEX and was here within 5 days (all the way from Tampa, Flordia to Austin, TX in 5 days is pretty good for shipping on a 50 pound cage in my opinion!

The H/Q Sturdy Cage is high quality and definiatly High Quality! When I received another cage from an online venor which was an "offbrand" large H/Q Cage, and I got that cage bent up, an not nearly as good of quality as my H/Q! Lisa at Suncoast was also able to answer every single one of my questions about the cage! The best part can....DOUBLE STACK THEM! Since I will be bringing home a breeding pair of platinums and leucistics this year, I hated to have to have the extra room for another cage, but you can double stack these! What a great idea, huh?

Another great thing about this cage is that they have a PLASTIC drop pan instead of a metal one that can rust easier. I just take a rag with soap/water and wipe it clean instead of dragging out my brussel brush that sometimes I have had to use with other plastic pan cages! This plastic is high quality and has a nice glossy finish! The grate is also easy to take out and clean in no time. Just as simple as a wash rag and some soapy water!
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