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Granite State Gliders (Visit this link)

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Added: Tue Apr 06 2010

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Business first, gliders second. 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: May 5 2013 12:47AM

I have two gliders I got from Tina at GSG. At the time, she'd told me both were fully weaned and ready to go home when I took them--and I at the time not knowing any better, didn't question it further. Through emailing back and forth, she eventually told me their oop dates (or rather, a rough estimation of the dates) and I double checked the calendar to find that both my babies had come home when they were no more than five weeks oop. She also contradicted herself several times regarding the parentage of my girl, which I was concerned about. Not only does she not keep lineage, I'm not sure she actually knows who my girl's parents are. She last told me she has just over 80 breeding pairs. This might explain why my boy seemed fine, but my girl took months to warm up to us at home. I really don't think she was handled nearly enough.

Tina also sold unsafe toys and hamster balls that were recently removed. She still, however, sells a lot of pet store treats that are not recommended for gliders (think rabbit and hamster treats) and other things like a calcium perch/suppliment that is completely unnecessary, and not necessarily safe if your diet already contains the proper amounts of calcium. That's another thing: Toss her diet instructions in the trash. Stick with the approved diets like HPW or BML--which until I asked her opinions on, she admitted she'd never even heard of.

I will say this for her, however: Her gliders are healthy. I've had no issues with illness from either one.

If you set up an appointment with Tina, you won't be seeing her facilities or her gliders. She will meet you in an office with the joey(s) you express interest in, and ONLY those joeys. You won't be meeting the parents. There are also no pictures of her facilities or her breeding pairs anywhere on her website, which I find unusual. She also openly admits on her site to selling to MA, where gliders are illegal.

Maybe when she started, she had better intentions. But from what I've seen and with my experience, GSG is a business first and the good of the glider comes second. I would strongly suggest going elsewhere.
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