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My Little Sugar Glider (Visit this link) updated

Sugar Glider Help does not endorse or approve any diet, vendor, breeder or veterinarian.

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My Little Sugar Glider, owned by Danielle Gnidziejko, is a USDA Breeder #86-A-0086. Owned by sugar gliders since 1997. Pet only gliders as well as breeding gliders with full lineage. Colors that are available from time to time are Leucisitic, Creamino, Platinum, Ringtail and Mosaic. Shipping is available at buyer's expense.

Phone: 602-288-6723 About Us Epson PRO 7700 Joomla 2.5 Welcome to My Little Sugar Glider. My name is Danielle, and I have been owned sugar gliders since 1997. I am a USDA Breeder. My goal with this website is to educate you correctly about owning these remarkable little animals. Even though I am familiar with a good deal of the basics of care and maintenance on these animals, I am still learning myself everyday and this is what helps to make me a better teacher. Any joeys I have available can be found under the link for "Photos" at the top of the page under "Joeys for sale". There, you will also find a folder containing photos of some of the parents I have here. From time to time, you may find retired adult breeders that need pet homes. It is a bit expensive to purchase all the right supplements and foods they need, but they are worth it to me. I also only purchase gliders to breed from other well-respected breeders. They give me lineage (pedigrees) that go 4 to 5 generations back on each side so I can sell you animals that are not inbred. Gliders without lineage should never be placed into a breeding program. They could already be inbred themselves, and then could be bred again to an animal that is related. This is how we see double and triple inbred animals out there with numerous health issues. Breeding responsibly must be done to prevent genetic defects and deformities in our animals. If you are looking for pet only, the price is discounted, but males will need to be neutered and females come with a non-breeding contract. I do not discount my females as deeply for pets, as they cannot be sterilized. Spaying a female marsupial is risky business and most vets won’t attempt it as the female can bleed to death in moments if not done correctly. All rare colored males price will automatically include the neuter fee with my vet. He will be neutered at around his 10th week and can leave here at least 7 days after the surgery, to make sure he has healed properly. If you are looking to breed a pair, please have a minimum of 2 years experience as a sugar glider pet owner to be considered. If you want one of my gliders for your breeding program, I will be asking to see a full lineage of at least 5 generations on both of your gliders parents. If you do not have this information or only partial lineage on your gliders, I cannot sell you a glider for a breeding. Gliders are also colony animals. Lone gliders are prone to stress which can lead to depression, sickness and possible self mutilation. For these reasons, I will not sell a glider as a single unless you already have one in need of a companion. And at that, they will need to be “age appropriate” to one another. Even an older, neutered male should not have a young Joey placed with them if they are older. My adults are vet checked twice a year to make sure they are healthy and able to stay in a breeding program, and I participate in parasite screenings for my adults with a qualified DNA testing lab in Dallas, several times a year. The website is I live 2.5 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada and about 3 hours from both Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ. I can deliver to these cities for a gas fee, or we can arrange for shipping with the airlines at the buyer's expense and weather permitting. If you live in the states of California, Alaska, Hawaii or the 5 borrows of New York City, I will not be able to sell to you as sugar gliders are illegal in your community. Please find out what the local laws are in your area before bringing gliders into your home. If you have any questions, please go to the contact section of this website and send me an email. I check my email daily, so I will get back to you soon as I am able to read your message. I also carry HPW starter packs for your gliders and a variety of pouches in my store, which is now open. If you are interested in coming to my home to see the gliders, I do have a policy about this. I work during the week, so my weekends are when I can do this. I don't have a lot of spare time, but if you want to do this, here is how it will work. I will expect for you to read over this educational website. I will also send you other files to read and my application. Once the application is filled out, and we do our phone interview, and I have deposit on the gliders that you want, then we can make our appointment for you to come by, meet your joeys and their parents and speak with me. People need to realize that although the gliders may be bonded to me, you are a stranger. Coming by and looking at the gliders is not the best way to pick them out like a puppy. They are going to be afraid of you and probably not act their best. As the gliders age, I learn their normal personalities and can best guide you to the joeys that fit your needs the best. In the past, I have had a lot of people want to "drop by" who weren't really interested in purchasing. My home is a private home and the animals prefer it if I don't have a lot of people come over to see them. It can be stressful on them, and on some of my new parents who are having joeys for the first time. They know there is a stranger in the room and they do not like it. I have to limit the time I allow people in my glider room, and you need to be vested in wanting a pair before you can come. It's also in respect to my husband who also lives here. Our time is very valuable, as we don't get to spend a lot of it together without working. If you really want to learn and wish to see the gliders that you have already placed a half down deposit on, then I can allow you to come by. Thank you for visiting my website and enjoy. Please, feel free to let me know what you think. Your input counts. Yours in Marsupials, Danielle G. Lake Havasu City, AZ

Phone: 602-288-6723

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review 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Mar 18 2015 8:32AM

Danielle has been a wonderful woman to work with. She has you complete an application so she knows if you know how to properly care for the animals. She's willing to teach you. I was a bit nervous I wouldn't "pass" but she uses it as a tool to educate you. I feel that makes her very responsible. I am still waiting for my babies I purchased to be old enough to come to their new home. She is always fast to respond to my emails. I have also had a few phone conversations with her. I feel that I'm not only getting very loved glider's, but a forever mentor and friend. She keeps in at least weekly contact and sends me baby pictures every week.
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gliders 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Feb 19 2014 2:27PM

Worst person ever! Is very rude. Would not recommend!!!
10 of 26 people found this review helpful
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