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Moon Over Miami Gliders (Visit this link) updated

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8 out of 10 stars (5 votes)

Welcome to Moon Over Miami Gliders! My name is Maureen Russell. I am the mother to 4 children and many animals. I think I got my love of animals from my father, who was raised on a farm in Indiana. My whole life, my pets have always given me much joy. I have recently started a very small breeding program for sugar gliders. Although I am very new to breeding, I am not new to sugar gliders. I got my first glider many years ago in 1999. I want to keep my breeding program small in order to make sure that each and every sugar glider - and their joeys - are well loved, socialized and will make someone the perfect pet. At the present time, I am the owner of 17 beautiful sugar gliders. I got to experience the birth of my very first joeys on 1/13/2008. It has been several years since then, and every joey is a great experience, just like the first. I love having these little joeys around, and I spend a lot of time holding and loving them. My web site is all new! Please let me know how you like it by contacting me. I am here to help educate you and assist you in finding your perfect little “Suggie.” I am proudly USDA licensed as of 7/8/2008 My USDA license is #58-A-0280

Phone: 786-543-1276

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Added: Tue Apr 06 2010
Last Modified: Wed Nov 25 2015

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Awesome breeder 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jun 4 2014 4:18AM

Maureen is a very sweet person, I bought a glider for my son last week and we are very happy with him! Yes she takes extra caution with her babies and I don't blame her, I would be very concerned with how and when I would deliver them as well... She loves her gliders and you can tell as they are very sweet and happy. Keep up the awesome job you're doing Maureen! We thank you for taking such good care of these creatures, and we look forward to getting a companion for our baby so that one day he can have a family of his own. God bless you!
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Great Seller! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Apr 23 2012 8:33PM

Maureen is very sweet. I purchased two gliders from her coming on one year ago this summer. The gliders she breeds are sweet, healthy and beautiful. I've had no issues with her or my two babies. She's even went so far as to care for my boys when I went out of town for a week! In the future I hope to expand my duo and I know exactly who I will go to for my next glider! Thank you Maureen!
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Unreliable seller 1 out of 5 stars

Unsatisfied customer

Reviewed on: Oct 25 2011 1:07AM

Maureen Russell does not keep her contracts or her word. She keeps her gliders way past their due dates because she is either too attached to them or for some other unknown reason. We found her over the web, and initially everything seemed legitimate, until we wanted to pick up our pet. She came up with excuse after excuse to not give her to us. After enduring her screaming and use of profanity during a phone conversation, we decided we did not want anything to do with her or her gliders. Go to Sugar Sensation which is not to far from Moon Over Miami Gliders. Adri knows what she's doing and treated us respect. Now we have a great 7.5 week old glider who is adorable and has the sweetest disposition
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