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ISU Vetrinary Clinic - Dr. Zeferano (Visit this link)

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Dr. Zeferano 1600 S. 16th st. Ames , Iowa 50011 Phone: 515-294-4900 Does laser neutering.... Knowledgeable

Phone: 515-294-4900
Does Neuters: Yes
Uses Laser: Yes

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Added: Fri Feb 05 2010

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Dr. Zaffarano was great! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Oct 28 2010 10:13PM

Dr. Z was fabulous! Although she was a bit nervous around my gliders (as most she had seen were poorly handled Pocket Pets biters) she definitely knew her stuff! She had two students who were there to observe and help out as part of the veterinary school at Iowa State University and prior to our visit, had sent them to glider central to learn some information as they had never even heard of gliders before. She did a general wellness exam which included (but wasn't limited to) checking heart beats for any irregularities, extending their patagia to make sure there were no cuts or fatty deposits, weighing them and examining their ears and eyes. She also did a fecal to check for giardia and other parasites. I was very pleased with her and wouldn't hesitate to take a sick baby to her for help! I have full confidence that if something fell outside of her realm of experience that she would not hesitate for a second to find someone who could help her get more information or walk her through a procedure. She was great!
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