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Glider Nursery (Visit this link) updated

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7 out of 10 stars (16 votes)

Custom made "Glide-ariums". Choose the size and color you want! PVC frames are also available. Mesh travel carriers are also available! Sugar Maple tree ~ bringing nature back to your gliders!

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Added: Wed Jan 06 2010
Last Modified: Tue Dec 22 2015

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Chateau Glidearium 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jan 21 2014 10:54AM

We ordered a Glidearium (260gal / Chateau from Shelly) and I'm not sure who loves it more - us or the gliders!

We have a senior glider, who is having a much better time getting around because of the mesh (vs. slipping / sliding down the bars - she doesn't have a strong grip). The mesh is easy for her nails to grab and she is getting around better than ever.
The extra space is great, and our 4 (soon to be 5) gliders bounce all over the place in there.

Also, since we have a small space and no extra room for just a glider room, we share our bed room with the gliders. With our old cage, we'd step out of bed and step in pea shells, glider poop, etc. Morning cleaning would involve cleaning out 2 drop trays (double wide cage), wiping down the bars, sweeping around the cage, and every 2-3 weeks a thorough steam cleaning.
With the glidearium, I hand-vac out the bottom and every other day or so a quick wipe with a damp vinegar water paper towel and I'm done. No debris outside of the cage. The mesh is machine washable, so no more making a mess with the steam cleaner (steam cleaner worked great, but would launch food shrapnel onto my walls, lol).

Overall, I love the product and would recommend it to anyone. Shelly was very helpful before I purchased it as far as providing information, and her follow ups with me were great. No need for anything after the fact, but was nice that she was checking in anyways. :)

Thanks Glider Nursery! :]
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Ordered HQ Tall Sturdy 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Aug 28 2013 3:14PM

I ordered the HQ Tall Sturdy from Shelly and I received my shipment very very quick..Literally w/in a few business days. The cage is awesome..the service was great, Shelly offered great customer service and I would highly recommend doing business with her. Sure you can get cages from other places but Shelly also offers so much support, compassion and mentoring to others in the glider community...I would much rather support someone who offers something to the community rather than just taking from it...
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Glide-ariums 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Feb 10 2013 11:34AM

I currently own one glide-arium - but I've got two more on order. If you're looking for a great alternative to wire cages, this is your way to go. They're well made and the customer service that Shelly offers is top notch.

There are several sizes to choose from, so your choices are not limited. If you just need a cage to put in the backseat to travel with your gliders, there's one for that. If you're looking for a permanent home for your gliders, there are several for that, too. I initially bought my first Glide-arium as a travel cage. Worked like a charm. The frames break down and the covers fold up nice and small. I carry everything in a duffel bag, that's how easy it is. Perfect if you have to travel to a hotel. The great thing about it is that since it's their regular cage and breaks down for travel, there's no extra stress on your gliders having to switch to an unknown cage. One largely positive things I find about the Glide-ariums is ease of cleaning. Just slide the cover off and toss it in the washing machine. Now, I will say that I have a front loading washing machine that does not have an agitator. I can't speak for how well they would work with an agitator and I may instead wash it in the bathtub or shower. But, for front loaders, it works like a charm. I wash it, then take it out and hang it up to finish drying (which takes about 15 minutes) and that's it. The PVC frame cleans quickly and easily, with just a rag and some hot water. Then, just slide the cover back on and you're done. In between washings, I'll be very honest - I've gone one month without doing anything more than wiping the bottom of the cage off with a paper towel. NO smell. This is, for me, one of the biggest positive aspects of the Glide-ariums. Where other wire and hardware cloth cages hold smell, the Glide-ariums do not. You can order a frame from Shelly, or you can customize your own. My first one, I had Shelly make it. Well done, fits well and works great. The only reason I would say to think about customizing your own would be to make the top of the Glide-arium with a few more crossbars, enabling you to hang feeding dishes and toys in several different places. I encourage EVERYONE who is buying a Glide-arium to also order a wheel mount or two.

For these very reasons, I am switching out my cages in my Monkey Room to Glide-ariums. I'm sold. Try them - you will be, too!
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Wonderful Product, Wonderful Seller 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Aug 4 2012 6:30PM

She was so patient, helpful, and prompt with responses. The glide-arium went together like a breeze! It is perfect and very high quality craftsmanship. If I ever need additional cages, I am coming back to her!
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Great cage! 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jul 18 2011 10:54PM

Just received the glider-arium and my babies LOVE it! The material for the mesh is very high quality and her craftsmanship is top notch. Not to mention, I ordered a 100 gallon and it is HUGE. It gives them plenty of room to run around, climb and glide. Shelly is also very professional and helpful, I would definitely order from her again!
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