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Klubertanz (Visit this link)

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Supplies to make your own cage including PVC coated wire!

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Added: Sun Jan 03 2010

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Toxic Cage Wire 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Nov 13 2011 7:51PM

I purchased quite a bit of pvc coated cage wire in 2010 and 2011. Soon after the 2nd purchase I began noticing problems with several of my gliders. They became lethargic, one was vomiting, loss of appetite, 2 had yellow skin and all were shaking. I started researching and saw that many others were experiencing the some/most of the same symptoms and the one common factor we all had was pvc coated cages. 3 vets told me my gliders seemed to have been poisoned and the medical issues were neurological. I notified Klubertanz via email and telephone. I barely received an "I'm sorry", no restitution at all was offered and they continue to sell this wire as being safe for sugar gliders.
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