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Hill Haven Sugar Gliders (Visit this link) updated

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Hill Haven Sugar Gliders is educating people of all ages about sugar gliders by showing gliders at community events like fairs, craft shows, festivals, exhibitions, funfests, concerts, and parades. We also have a website with an information page on sugar gliders. This page not only has information sheets but also has links to other websites that have information about sugar gliders. Hill Haven Sugar Gliders offers a 45 minute program to schools in order to educate children about sugar gliders. We bring in live gliders that are trained to work in events of this nature. We also have story books featuring sugar gliders that we read to the students. There in a minimal cost to cover traveling expenses. We will present to a class or the whole school as determined by the participating schools. If interested please use the Contact Us page to contact: Elena Hill (Owner and Educator). We offer all of our books about sugar gliders to schools for the classroom or school library at a 10% discount.

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