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Perfect Pocket Pets (Visit this link)

Sugar Glider Help does not endorse or approve any diet, vendor, breeder or veterinarian.

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A mill breeder who sells gliders throughout the United States at flea markets and gun shows. They also may be disguise as

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Added: Mon Aug 11 2008
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Products vs Animals 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Sep 5 2015 11:48PM

So I saw pocketpets at a local event but didn't buy at that time. I later went on their site which directed me to so this review is based on pocketpets products that I use and gliderstork pets.

Gliderstork: Do Not buy! They ship in make shift wire cages they put in a cardboard box. My two gliders arrived shivering scared in the corner. One arrived sick and died 3 days later even after vet antibiotics and other meds. They also charged me a special shipping which later we found out they couldn't ship to me and I had to drive 4 hours to the nearest airport to pick up. Numerous requests and they have not refunded the special shipping.

Pocketpets: I can only review their product and email assistance which I would rate 100%. As I did not purchase from them I can not rate their gliders other than that they recomendé me to gliderstork which was horrible.

Their products are great, when my glider was sick they responded to me via email at 3am with emergency care until I could get to the vet and they were very helpful. I later rescued another glider locally that was being fed very bad food (processed baby snacks, processed sweets and generic glider pellets). When I got her the while house smelled horrible with a Nast musty scent (my other glider never deceloped this scent). After 2 days on glider chow by pocketpets and fresh fruit diet her bad scent began to fade and week later it was gone completly. I mentioned this to my vet and he said he knows diet affects their scent and wanted to research the product(gliderchow). He later came back that it was one of the better products on the market and wouldn't recomendamos me changing their diet. I have their cage as well which really does seem to be a better fit for their paws for climbing. Again I can only rate the products and assistance not their actual pets.

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Not terrable not wonderful 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Feb 13 2014 2:01PM

Ok so I got my very 1st glider from pocket pets, and unfortunately it died within 6 days I’m sad to say a terrible little death it was horrible, I called the company and they replaced her for me. Unfortunately I had to drive 1hr 30min to get my replacement. They were quick to answer questions via email and text. The replacement is a healthy little female. When we got her home we found that she was very very scared and even though we were told by Pocket pets they would be perfectly fine as solitary animals It was obvious she was also lonely. This glider was so petrified you couldn’t touch her without her getting very very upset, and loud. To be honest it was a little unnerving to me and my family as well because we were new glider owners as well. We were unable to get this little girl to calm down at all, and we later found that some of the information Pocket Pets gave us was good, but some was not so good. The cage we got from pocket pets was way too small, and we also found out the wheel they sell causes terrible injuries to your gliders, even the manufacture of the wheel does not recommend them for gliders they break their tails. I feel that pocket pets tell new owners what they want to hear just so you will buy the animal even if it not right animal for you. We have since purchased 2 more gliders from a Ohio breeder, he business’s name is Glider Nursery, and her name is shelly. Well turns out all our little girl did need was some companions, she is doing a lot better bonding now, not nipping or crabbing like she was, I think the other 2 that we got (Absolute sweethearts) have helped her in the boding process. I was told by Pocket pets to never buy gliders older then 8-9weeks oop (out of pouch) or they would never bond, well that is also here to find out completely false, at least in my experience, as I said the two I got from the breeder happen to be 3years old and not only are they sweet little gliders but they have helped my Pocket Pet glider soo much. I think some information pocket pets gives is not bad but some of it is just not good, as I said before they will tell you what you need to hear to buy the animal. I would recommend you do some research and buy from a good repeatable breeder. I would recommend shelly at Glider Nursery if your close, if not I’m sure there are other great breeders out there as well. Long story short I will not buy from pocket pets again.
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Happy, healthy 3-year companion! Five Stars! 5 out of 5 stars


Reviewed on: Nov 1 2013 7:46AM

This is a three-year follow-up.
I got my baby girl from them in October 2010 she's been healthy for the three years I've had her.
I take her to one of the local vets that has lots of experience with gliders every year for a check up.
She’s never had any health problems and crawls all over me. She doesn't potty on me because I pat her in the cage or hold her in my hand and pat her and let her do her business before I put her on me to crawl around.
Yes, their new parent emails you get for the first 31 days are boiler plate sent en-mass. But whenever I emailed a question, I always got a personal answer. I realize some phrases are repeated over & over, so they use macro text or the like, but when you get a lot of the same or similar questions all the time, I don't blame them for using macros. But not all their reply emails are not C&P’d.
I've had a great happy and healthy little companion for THREE years now!
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NEVER BUY FROM HERE!!! 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: May 20 2013 12:05PM

My husband and son knew how much I was wanting to get back into Sugar Gliders (I'd had them as a kid) and bought me a little girl from Pocket Pets for Mother's Day. As soon as he told me where he had purchased them from I knew we were probably in trouble. I instantly fell in love with my little girl however and one week and $500 in vet bills later I had to have my baby girl put down for medical issues she had been sold to me with even though she was supposed to be "vet checked" before she was sold!!
I cannot stress enough how absolutely horrible these people are!! I had to watch my little girl suffer and be in pain and finally had to make the call to have her put down because she no longer had any quality of life. I don't know how these people live with themselves knowing they are doing this to unsuspecting people and more importantly the animals themselves!!
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Never, ever, EVER buy from Pocket Pets/Sugar Bears! 1 out of 5 stars

Mill breeders that need to absolutely be shut down

Reviewed on: May 4 2013 3:18AM

I am a Certified Veterinary Technologist (Bachelor's Degree) specializing in zoo medicine and exotics, and have personally kept reptiles and exotic mammals for the last decade. I currently keep and breed sugar gliders, along with owning various snakes, geckos, chameleons, cats, ferrets, fish, birds, and an AKC German Shepherd. I also have done rescues since I was a child, and have a variety of rescues, fosters, or adoptable animals at any given time. Over the years, I have dealt with and rescued more inbred, sickly, parasite-ridden, dying sugar gliders that originated from Perfect Pocket Pets/Pocket Pets/Sugar Bears than I care to think about. I have assisted numerous owners that purchased gliders from Pocket Pets, only to have them quickly show signs of respiratory infection, neurological defects, and parasite infestation shortly after bringing them home. Many of the Pocket Pets gliders I've helped treat have tested positive for multiple GI parasites and protozoa (hookworm, whipworm, coccidia, giardia, etc), and develop chronic respiratory disorders that never fully disappear despite multiple rounds of antibiotics and prednisone. Some have clear congenital physical and/or developmental defects. Even in otherwise healthy gliders, illnesses and injuries often eventually present themselves due to the poor dietary, caging, and care information given by Pocket Pets -- including their horrible encouragement of allowing sugar gliders to be handled by small children and play with cats, dogs, and other pets. About 28-30% of the Pocket Pets gliders I've rescued or treated have died from their illnesses or injuries despite treatment and correction of diet/husbandry. Every single time, the owner expresses deep regret at having purchased from Pocket Pets and not having done enough research prior to buying a sugar glider, so that they would have had proper education and information on their care, diet, housing, and handling. They are often angry that Pocket Pets gives out such incorrect care information, sells incorrect food and caging, and that they are allowed to continue breeding and selling in the manner that they do. My heart genuinely breaks for every single owner that has to go through this, and for every glider I see suffering and/or dying because Pocket Pets is allowed to continue doing business and selling animals.

I have spoken to various members of Pocket Pets staff on multiple occasions at different shows and malls, and almost every one of them freely admits that they are in fact considered a "breeding mill" and that their animals are unhandled and treated as "stock". What's even more sickening is that they admit this information without a single shred of remorse or embarrassment. When asked why they knowingly work for a company that breeds animals like this and cares for them in such improper methods, they simply say "I needed a job" or "It's a paycheck". What most people don't know, is that Pocket Pets staff receive commission for every glider sold, and the percentage depends on whether they sell just the glider alone, or sell it with the entire package -- cage, pellet food, the works. These people have no knowledge or concern for the well-being of sugar gliders, and sell them at locations like this to unsuspecting buyers simply as a means to a paycheck. They will sell them to anyone and everyone, just to make money. When being sold at fairs or malls, gliders are put in display cages and kept there for 10, 12, even 14 hours at a time, in broad daylight, with hundreds if not thousands of people staring in at them, handling them, etc. Gliders are shy, reclusive animals -- this type of exposure and traffic absolutely STRESSES them out to the max. This is evident by the fact that the gliders continuously crab as hard as their lungs can possibly manage, and are panting and rearing up every time someone peers into the cage. I've witnessed this at every Pocket Pets mall display I've encountered. When I've brought it to the attention of the staff, they simply say "Oh, they're fine. They're just talking to people." Anyone that knows gliders and the noises they make, knows that crabbing is the first indication of fear and stress, and is intended to "scare off" what they view as a predator or threat. This is made worse by the fact that Pocket Pets staff shove these gliders into their cargo pants for hours at a time, taking them out whenever they're doing a demonstration or when people ask, and just throwing the gliders toward people or tossing them onto people as if they were a beanbag or a ball. Gliders bond very closely with their owners, and most become very stressed when handled by unfamiliar people or in the presence of crowds and noise. I've seen these poor gliders get tossed to a complete stranger, then immediately jump/glide back to the handler and literally FIGHT to get back into the cargo pouch to hide, crabbing and hissing and screaming the entire time. Yet the staff continue to expose them and stress them out like this. Any company that has the best interests of the animal in mind, not the money, would NEVER do this to these creatures or exhibit them in this kind of extremely stressful environment.

Pocket Pets has a massive facility in Florida, where they keep their breeding animals in the same TINY, cramped, inadequate cages that they sell to buyers at malls, fairs, expos, and trade shows, and have fathers breeding to daughters, sons breeding to mothers, siblings breeding to each other, etc. They have absolutely no lineage documentation on their gliders and allow unscrupulous inbreeding left and right. Inbreeding in gliders causes a whole list of genetic abnormalities and disorders, many of which are not phenotypical (visible in appearance). They do not handle or socialize their breeding gliders, and the joeys they sell are handled only at a minimum. The caging they sell is 1/4 the size of a PROPER, necessary glider cage, and does not allow enough space for exercise or gliding. They promote and sell a pellet diet that they manufacture themselves, which is "approved" by a veterinarian. However, this veterinarian is on POCKET PETS PAYROLL, thus of course is going to endorse anything they sell because it means he gets paid. Sugar gliders are insectivores and herbivores, with natural diets consisting of insects, larvae, fruit, nectar, and some vegetation. They are not designed to eat pellets, and their GI tract does not digest or break down the material in this pellet food. Additionally, the nutritional breakdown of Pocket Pets' pellet diet is absolutely incorrect for a glider's needs and optimal health. Most gliders that are fed the way Pocket Pets instructs (pellets with a small amount of apple each day) end up severely malnourished and/or dead. Pretty much every experienced glider/exotics veterinarian I have met absolutely abhors this pellet diet, and instructs every client they encounter to immediately throw it out. They advise clients to begin giving one of several proper diets that have been designed by MULTIPLE veterinarians and nutritionists in both Australia and the U.S., who are not on ANYONE'S payroll and do not stand to profit whatsoever from the creation of these diets. These diets include several variations of the HPW diet (High Protein Wombaroo), BML (Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters), Suncoast Diet, Priscilla's Diet, and many more. Most of these diets use a base protein source, a nutrient source specifically designed for marsupials, and fresh fruit/veggies. HPW and BML are the two most widely veterinarian recommended and widely used by glider breeders and keepers worldwide. Pocket Pets tells buyers that sugar gliders never bite (which they very much do when scared, startled, or insecure), and that they are easy to keep pets that are perfect for small children. Gliders are very fragile, sensitive pets that are easily injured or scared, and do NOT make good pets for children unless cared for and carefully supervised by responsible adults. Pocket Pets also tells buyers that sugar gliders can be allowed to freely roam the house and play with other pets such as cats and dogs. This too is absolutely false. Gliders are FAST, nocturnal animals that constantly look for a warm, dark place to snuggle up. They easily get under stoves and ovens, behind cabinets, inside vents and radiators, and in places that result in them getting stuck and not being able to get them out, or ending up injured, burned, or killed. They should always be played with in a small, secure area such as the bathroom (with shower curtain shut and toilet lid closed) or in a small personal play tent (such as a Genji tent), as most glider owners use. Sugar gliders should NEVER be allowed near other pets, as not only can they contract parasites that most cats and dogs can live with but could easily kill a glider, but their small size often incites a cat or dog's prey instinct and results in the glider being scratched or bitten. Even with the most well-mannered pet, all it takes is one quick bite or swat, and the glider can be seriously hurt. Gliders are also very sensitive animals that easily become frightened and stressed out, and many do not react well to being in such close proximity to predatory animals (cats, dogs, ferrets, etc). All of this represents the incorrect and dangerous care advice given out by Pocket Pets, and many people in the sugar glider community firmly believe that this is done on purpose to shorten the life span of the glider and promote further business and repeated purchases from customers that don't know any better. Pocket Pets' "bread and butter" is selling to uneducated buyers that purchase on a whim just because gliders are "cute", without doing any research on gliders or their proper care requirements and needs. They prey on this type of customer, and the glider suffers for do many of the owners that purchase from Pocket Pets before knowing any different, and end up losing their beloved pet.

Pocket Pets needs to be put out of business and shut down. The only way to accomplish this is to boycott them, refuse to buy from them, report them to the management of malls/fairs/expos and get them removed/banned from vending, and report all cases of sick/dead gliders to the Mill Breeder Project, which compiles evidence of inbred/sick/dead gliders from mill breeders like Pocket Pets, and forwards the information and veterinary records to the USDA and the CDC in order to continue making a stronger case against them. More info can be found at: . If you have purchased from Pocket Pets and your glider(s) became sick, injured, or died, PLEASE put together any evidence or veterinary records you may have and forward them to the MBP. The more cases they can provide to the USDA, the sooner mills like Pocket Pets can be shut down for good. If you are considering purchasing a glider, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM POCKET PETS. Use this website, Sugar Glider Help, to research and find a reputable, responsible breeder or a rescue, to find your new furry friend.
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