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Roper Mountain Animal Hospital (Visit this link) updated

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7 out of 10 stars (4 votes)

Dr. Heather Gleaton 14 Roper Corners Circle Greenville, SC 29615 (864)297-9190 Dr. Gleaton is great with suggies and so is her staff. Dr. Gleaton also neuters suggies. She's a great vet and I highly recommend her.

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Added: Thu Jan 10 2008
Last Modified: Wed Dec 23 2015

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Glider feedback 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: May 26 2015 5:18PM

I am sorry that you feel that you had a bad experience. I will not look at gliders awake that are mean and want to bite me as I do not like to get bit by them. I feel that it is very difficult to trim nails on an awake glider and they might hurt themselves during the process (we have never had something "bad" happen and we have never said that). If you want their nails trimmed accurately and quickly then it is much easier with gas anesthesia. I do not like the wraps that you want to apply after neutering because they never work, the glider spends time and energy getting out of them, and you have had gliders injure themselves trying to get out of the little jackets you bring. You did not spend "hundreds" of dollars treating the hookworms as you claim. The medicine we used was no more than $10. I am sorry that I do not allow you back anymore to watch neuters but it ended up being very distracting for the staff and infringed on our ability to care for the hospitalized animals in the area of the treatment room. I hate that you felt like you had to post a bad review because I did not give in to your demands. I hope that you have a better experience with Dr. Hurlbert.
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(Much) less than favorable 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Oct 13 2011 2:49PM

I have had a very poor experience with Dr. Gleaton. When I took my gliders for their first wellness exam, the vet tech weighed the male and took a fecal. The dr. didn't really examine him. When she looked in the bonding pouch at the female and got crabbed at, she closed it up and said "well, I can't examine her!" and that was the end of that. Then she told me they had hookworms and that started a series of 6 more appointments, tons of medications, and hundreds of dollars, only to find out in the end that they never in fact had hookworms. Through this whole process I only saw the dr. one time. I was always dealing with the techs. When the dr. was proven wrong I never got an apology or anything. Also, I witnessed 4 neuters. When the neuter is done, the tech brings the glider in the room and gives him back to the owner with pain meds and that's it. No post-op instructions, no nothing. I tried to help the poor people an educate them about SMing. When my own glider went after his POM and nearly ripped it off, it bled a little and I had to make a diaper out of vet wrap. For my friend's glider, I had an e-jacket by then and used that. The doctor didn't even want to see the e-jacket. She wouldn't even come in the room. The tech said she had to leave. I would not recommend Dr. Gleaton to anybody. Even in an emergency her office gives out the number for the doctors at Healthpointe in Duncan. Also, I called Dr. Gleaton's office about nail trimming and they told me they don't trim nails and "it's not a good idea to do it because gliders are just small little animals and you could really hurt them trying to trim their nails". What terrible advice! I had someone else call and they admitted that they have trimmed nails in the past but had something go terribly wrong and just don't do it anymore. I would recommend Healthpointe, where I had a VERY favorable experience. It's only 20 minutes away.
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Be very careful... 2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Sep 29 2011 12:38PM

I have been using Dr. G for my gliders for several years now. I think she does a decent job neutering gliders, and does it at a very reasonable price. The problem comes with aftercare. She does not support the use of e-collars, e-jackets or vet tape to stop your glider from SMing. You go home with pain meds, and if you have a problem, you'll have to go somewhere else for hands on help. If the glider crabs, or bites, she refused to handle them unless they are put out!?? She does not have experience with emergencies, or amputations, or pregnant gliders. She is not open to learning new info from other vets, which has been requested numerous times. She has actually sent people to Healthpointe in Duncan to treat their gliders illness, which is a positive that she sent them somewhere else when she didn't know how to handle a broken tail. One other problem... Dr. G diagnosed several gliders in the Greenville SC area with hookworm, and it was determined at a later date, after several hundreds of dollars in vet bills later, that it was a different strain of pollen. She was adament that the slide was not pollen, but eventually was proven wrong by her own outside lab in Georgia. I would like to say that she learned something from this experience, but she neglected to talk to any of the patients in person, or to apologize for the error, or to offer any type of monetary fix. At this point, I would refer her for neuters ONLY if you have somebody with experience to help you when they wake up. Adding an e-collar, e-jacket, or vet wrap diaper. Even then, if you have problems with the wrap in the morning, she will say she does not condone these items, and will turn you down for vet care. (Yes, this happened recently!). Go to Healthpointe. They are a lot more expensive, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for.
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