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1402-B North Loop 336 West Conroe, Texas 77304 Tel: (936)756-0304

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Added: Mon Nov 05 2007
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DO NOT USE this VET!!! 1 out of 5 stars

Killed Joey

Reviewed on: Apr 19 2016 5:18PM

The Dr. I saw here was Preston T. Foster DVM.
I took my glider in telling Him and all staff I think she has a joey in pouch. I can feel a lump. I just want to double check and make sure she is healthy. I had just purchased this mated pair of gliders 6 weeks before.
He looks over her Eyes, Ears, Lungs and Heart. He then asks "Did the previous owner mention the lump in her stomach?" I said "No" Then "Has she been sick or had a decrease in activity or eating less?" "No" So i am now starting to worry it may be something bad.
The Dr. Pokes around for a few more minutes and the his eyes get big and he says "OH! It was a baby. I should have stopped when I realized that. Want to see it before I put it back in the pouch?"
This joey was still very small I am guessing 1/2 of OOP size so probably around 4 weeks.
I asked if it will be OK. I am told its no problem it will find the nipple and be back the way it was in a few minutes. I respond with are you sure? Every thing I have learned about gliders in the last 10 years of having them has said they can not reattach to a nipple until they are a lot further along.
Then he had the nerve to charge 1/2 price saying. Sorry maybe things will work out better next time.
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