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all creatures animal hospital (Visit this link)

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6 out of 10 stars (3 votes)

this vet is located in Amelia ohio right outside of Cincinnati. The staff here are awesome and their exotic vet is as well, and they are also reasonably priced.

Phone: (513) 474-5700

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Added: Fri Jul 27 2007
Last Modified: Sun Dec 13 2009

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Inadequate Service. 2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Aug 17 2011 6:08PM

Saw Dr. Dan Meakin. I was displeased by the impersonal treatment and his immediate dismissal of some of my concerns, including his view on nail trimming: "They don't need their nails trimmed, they are too small." While I didn't agree I was upset when a vet tech who was helping me trim them was told to stop as well. He did not take a very proactive stance on examining the glider but did offer to remove the remaining skin from a pom-on neuter done 4 days prior that was healing because he did not know why the vet "left so much skin." (he would laser-remove the skin for $120, cost of neuter). I declined and felt the visit was not very in-depth nor did he seem interested in the history of the glider or my diet.
Would recommend for emergencies but not as a regular vet based on my personal experience.
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