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Bonding, Trust, Holding, Biting (Visit this link) popular

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Issues and tips on Trust, Bonding, Holding, Biting, Training. Pocket Training, Bonding pouches, T-shirt Method, nipping, crabbing.

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Added: Sat Feb 01 2003
Last Modified: Sun Mar 19 2006

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Bonding and Trust 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Mar 19 2006 12:00AM

I enjoyed the article immensely due to the fact that I just purchased a sugar glider for my lifestyle. I have enjoyed her a lot but we do have a difference of opinions at times. I have never owned a glider before and it is all new to me. I am so excited that I think in the future I might consider getting her a mate. Thanks so much for your article.
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A MUST for new glider owners! 5 out of 5 stars


Reviewed on: Jun 8 2003 12:00AM

Bonding to your glider is one of the hardest things to do -- especially if you get a glider that is an adult not used to human contact. Bourbon gives practical advice that WORKS -- I know it did for me. I HIGHLY recommend every new glider owner to read every word.
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