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West Meade Veterinary Clinic (Visit this link)

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990 Davidson Dr Ste A Nashville, Tennessee 37205 He's an avain specialist but knows gliders neuter- $64 Dr. Lutz He's a great guy and will inform you what the problem is, why that's a problem and how the anatomy is around it. We got x-rays and he pointed everything out to us. He's also very funny, but has horrible bed side manner. He will do all he can to help your glider (bird or any other pet). We went in one day we got a last minute appointment and he was willing to do surgery if necessary. He told us to go out and sight see while he did x-rays to see if surgery was necessary since we live two hours away he didn't want us to leave him and have to turn around when we got home. My emergency vet owns suggies and she was the one who recommended him!

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Added: Sun May 06 2007
Last Modified: Fri Dec 11 2009

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neuter cost 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Sep 7 2013 5:42PM

I've recently been looking for a vet to do a neuter as well but this vet's quote has gone up to $168 and its done by scalpel only. hope this helps.
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Pricing 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: May 23 2008 2:25PM

I called the Vet Clinic today, but the price quote given was $115 per glider for neutering. I hope this helps anyone who was thinking of visiting this Dr. because the original price listed is no longer on the table.
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