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Ferguson Animal Hospital (Visit this link)

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Daniel S. Wentz D.V.M. 483 Airport Road Ferguson, MO 63135 Office- 314-524-0707 Emergency- 739-1500

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Added: Thu Mar 30 2006
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Fustrated 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Apr 11 2007 4:10PM

We took our sugar glider in because of problems retracting his penis. First we took him to a vet that someone recommended to us called "Watson Road Vet". At this vet we were told to NOT put KY on his penis because "The KY will dry and make it that much harder to retract" (Which is not a good call, You MUST keep KY on the penis so it does not dry out and become necrotic) Then we were given Amoxicllin which is not ideal for sugar gliders...
SO after much fustration, we saw this vet at Ferguson.

First we waited in the waiting room for about 45 minutes, then we were moved to a real room, where we waited for another 45 minutes. Finally when the doctor arrived, he suggested we keep him on amoxicllin. I put my foot down and requested Flagyl, Baytril, and Torb medications. He agreed, gave me some for free actually, but had no idea what the dosages should be. By this time it was after 5, and he couldnt find any vets that he could consult because of the time. So he sent us home with the medications, and said he would call in the morning. Its now 3pm, he hasnt called, Ive called him twice. My poor glider has been without ANY meds yet today because this vet hasnt returned my phone calls.

Pros- Very nice guy, was not irritated too much that i brought in 4 pages of info from glider central for him to read regarding other peoples experience with this particular issue, as well as the medications they had success with. Although he didnt know the dosages, Im glad he didnt just wing it. The meds were free though, which was nice of him.
Cons- On the flip side, I wish he knew the dosages for these meds so I can actually use them! Long waiting time, also. Seemed like he was rushing us because it was the end of his work day.
Would I recommend him? Maybe for more common situations/problems, yes. In terms of our problem, it isnt common so that also explain why he didn't know. I will consider trying him again, although I will be very cautious with his suggestions.
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