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Exotic Vet Sugar Glider Diet Sheet (Visit this link)

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Starting point for "wild" type diets. Flowers, pollen and acacia gum are added as treats.

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Added: Wed Jul 20 2005
Last Modified: Wed Jan 19 2011

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Where does it say that they don't eat fruit? 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jan 10 2017 3:32PM

It says they are mainly sap, nectar, and insectivores, which is true. It also says you can feed fruit as a snack. It doesn't say they won't/don't eat fruit. I'm sure they eat gumnuts (eucalyptus fruit) in the wild when available.

But then again, chocolate is not only not part of a natural "wild" diet it's also toxic, but that didn't stop Viva (dog) from eating an entire pound bag of baking chocolate (she lived, thanks to heroic vet action).
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Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle 3 out of 5 stars

Diet and Proof needed

Reviewed on: Nov 17 2010 6:30PM

What/where is : "Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle"
Is this very General information actually given BY - "Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle".

Fruit is NOT a part of diet in the wild? If they LOVE fruit - what prevents them from eating it in the wild? Where is the verified proof of this?
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