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Sugar Glider Breeder Database (100)
Sugar Glider Breeders
Sugar Glider Care and Information (91)
Sections about new ownership, behavior, anatomy, health, diet, bonding, housing, breeding, joeys, and more.
Sugar Glider Educational Groups (26)
Here you will find links to Sugar Glider Groups that specialize in educational programs, and offer medical assistance, reaching out to Sugar Glider owners and buyers.
Sugar Glider Mill Breeders and or Brokers (4)
Here you will find a list of known Mill Breeders. Please use caution when dealing with these breeders.
Sugar Glider Rescue Database (12)
A list of Sugar Glider Rescues in North America, and other Countries.
Sugar Glider Vendor Database (86)
Find Sugar Glider Vendors that sell, Sugar Glider Supplies
Sugar Glider Vet Database (602)
Here you will find links to Sugar Glider Veterinarians broken down by country, regions, and states.

There are 921 links for you to choose from!

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide an online sugar glider resource by maintaining a database that allows businesses/individuals the opportunity to add their information and contribute their experiences through a rating and review system. Our goal is to have up-to-date sugar glider related links to assist sugar glider owners when searching for Veterinarians, Breeders, Organizations, and Vendors.

We hope to provide the most complete, central links database for sugar glider owners. By achieving this, we can ensure that all diets, vets, and vendors are the most up to date rather than having too many places which risks out-of-date information.