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Is there an approval process to get a link on this site?
• No, just submit the information. Once the information is verified, it will be entered into the database.

Can I link to my business if it is not sugar glider related?
• No

How can I get my link removed?
• Please click the contact button in the header and send us a message.

If I request my link be removed, will it?
• This is at the discretion of SGH. The link to the site in the listing may be removed and the description may be changed to reflect that the owner has requested removal. Doing this, the listing does not disappear and offers the community a reason why it may no longer be found.

How do I add a link to this site?
• Click on the "Add Link" button, and provide the information. If you are adding a vet, please add as much information as possible. If you are a vendor and want to be added to our maps, please add all information in the address fields.

Please notice that a URL is already listed; this is a default in the event your submission does not have a website. If your submission has a website, please delete the default and add your own.

Does my personal information have to be listed?
• No, the name and email address provided when leaving a review and or adding a link will be kept confidential and not listed.

What does "Review It" mean?
• This is where you may leave comments regarding a particular link for others to read.

How do I leave a review?
• Click on the "Review It" button, and type in your comments.

Are the reviews screened?
• The reviews will be screened for language content.
• Both positive and negative reviews based personal experiences are encouraged, no 'hear say' reviews.
• Please include all the relevant facts and details, don't embellish your review. We believe in truth so please beware of the legal consequences if you post false information. If a review could result in legal consequences to SGH, its owners, staff, or the reviewer, we reserve the right to refuse the review and/or ask for it to be reworded. If you have supporting documentation to support a review of such nature, then please contact our staff prior to posting your review.

How do I “Rate” a link?
• Click on the “Rate It” button and select a number from 1 to 10. A rating of 1 is the worst rating and 10 is the best rating.

What if a link is broken?
• If you see a website link is broken, please click on "Report Bad Link". A message will be sent to the staff for review.

There is no website listed, how can I visit the site?
• If a website was not provided to Sugar Glider Help, there will not be one listed in the database. Please do not report these as being bad links.

I found incorrect information in a link, what do I do?
• Please click on the "Contact" button and let us know. We strive to keep the information as current as possible.

Who owns Sugar Glider Help?
• As of December 1, 2011, The Glider Initiative will no longer be associated with or responsible for The Sugar Glider Help website and have relinquished their rights to the site. The site is maintained by GliderCENTRAL and the information is being stored on the GliderCENTRAL servers. The software and plugins used for SGH have been licensed to GliderCENTRAL since January of 2002 when GliderCENTRAL created the links database.